A New Era of
Minecraft is here with the RTX!



Luna RTX Micro 128x

  • Only Partial List of blocks which is available in version V 0.05

  • No Updates 

  • General Discord Server Invite with benefit of sharing videos and builds using this pack

  • Luna Community Support on discord

  • Available Only until the full Minecraft RTX bedrock edition is released

You will be directed to the discord server from where you can download.

Will the full version be available for free?

 The pack is still in beta, the format is subject to change during the full release of the game. There would be regular updates. Making these does cost me time and money. The Pack would eventually be FREE once my Goal of number of supporters are reached. More details on my Patreon page. 

Luna RTX 512x

  • Full Pack of each version when its released

  • Regular weekly Updates with new blocks

  • Alternative blocks set for obsidian tier

  • Discord Benefits accordingly to the tier

  • Free Sampler of other New Themed resource packs (when available)

You need to join $3
 Tier to download the Pack

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